How Regular Facials Can Help Reduce the Appearance of Acne

Pimples, redness, and dark spots are unfortunately things that most people have no chance of battling. A 60-Minute Acne Facial from LaVida Massage of Alpharetta, GA can do a few things to restore your face to its former glory, and assist to eliminate the hard-to-fight acne that has been troubling you. The advantages include improving your skin’s health and gradually preventing the growth of acne.

Acne is caused by pores becoming filled with dirt and debris from everyday exposure. Oil also builds up in your pores, causing clogs that lead to the growth of blemishes. Gentle exfoliation combined with safe products help to revitalize your skin, since cleansers are going deep into the pores, which eliminate dirt and other particles that have become deeply embedded. This will certainly help you hop on the path to cleaner and brighter skin. The knowledgeable estheticians at LaVida Massage of Alpharetta will help you hop on the path to a cleaner and much brighter skin. Our estheticians will massage your face with the goal of tightening pores and reducing inflammation.

Receiving regular facials helps to stimulate the duplication and regrowth of skin cells. Your skin will begin regenerating on its own, keeping the firm and healthy appearance you want. During your facial, our experts will scrub to remove the top layer of dead skin, revealing that youthful glow underneath.  You will also begin a process of training your face when you receive facials, since your face will begin to regulate the oil-producing glands in so over-production doesn't happen. 

At LaVida Massage of Alpharetta, our experienced specialists will analyze your exact skin-type to determine your needs. We will select the appropriate products based on your skin’s oil content and other factors, to ensure they work for you. We will complete a deep-cleaning process in a relaxing setting, for a truly effective one-of-a-kind experience.

Review the extensive list of facial services offered by LaVida Massage of Alpharetta, and schedule your perfect treatment today!

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