Benefits of Massage Therapy For People With Arthritis

If you have arthritis and experience pain or discomfort in your joints, a natural and soothing massage might be just what you need. Some of us feel stiffness in our hands while others might experience cracking and soreness in their back and knees. At LaVida Massage of Alpharetta, there is a massage for any need. Be sure to communicate to your massage therapist that you have arthritis as he or she can customize the massage to target your specific pain-points. During the massage, you can offer your input so the massage therapist knows when and where to apply more or less pressure to suit you.

Massages help increase blood circulation in the body, which is critical for moving necessary nutrients to different parts of our bodies. This will also help reduce inflammation, which is a major cause of the pain associated with arthritis. Routine massages will increase your overall range of motion over time, giving you better-functioning joints and less discomfort.

A therapeutic massage can also reduce stress and anxiety so you are able to unwind and forget about your pains while they are being relaxed away. The soothing atmosphere in our private massage rooms is sure to help you slow down and rest. If you’re suffering from osteoarthritis, which could affect multiple areas on the body like the back and knees, we’ll lay you down on a comfortable table and take our time focusing on each area. If your hands are more affected by something like rheumatoid arthritis, we can perform a chair or table massage where we apply appropriate pressure to your fingers, knuckles, wrists and more.

After a massage, majority of people with arthritis report feeling:
Reduced pain and stiffness in joints
Energized and less anxious
Improved range of motion
Better joint function overall
Improved sleep

Book an appointment with a skilled massage therapist at LaVida Massage of Alpharetta to experience life with less arthritis pain.

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