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New Standard in Massage Excellence. 

When you ask people why they have not received a massage, most people say that they don’t have time, or they are not aware of the benefits, or they believe it is too expensive. Some people are just uncomfortable with the spa or resort atmosphere. At LaVida Massage, we understand these concerns, and that’s why we’ve created a better experience at our wellness centers.

• LaVida Massage caters to busy lifestyles - our centers are open seven days a week with extended hours to accommodate our guest’s scheduling needs.

• LaVida Massage offers a full range of services - we feature a full range of therapeutic massage and facial/skin care services all tailored to your individual needs.

• LaVida Massage Benefits Program saves you money - our month-to-month savings plans start as low as $59.95 per month and there is no long-term commitment. You can cancel anytime with no cancellation fees.

• LaVida Massage Centers are warm and inviting – our centers are designed with your comfort in mind by creating a very relaxing and gender-neutral environment.


Relieve back pain with a therapeutic massage from LaVida Massage!

Lower back pain is one of the top reasons people seek medical attention in the United States, and it's one of the toughest conditions to treat. Studies have demonstrated, however, that routine therapeutic massage relieves persistent lower back pain. Whether it's a Swedish massage, sports massage, or deep tissue massage, weekly massages focusing on lower back and hip muscles can lead to improvement in pain management. 

At LaVida Massage, we believe that therapeutic massage and skin care treatments are essential to living a healthy lifestyle and that everyone should have the option of affordable, high quality services as part of their personal care regimen.  Read more...



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At LaVida Massage of Alpharetta, GA we understand what it takes to provide expert massage and skin care services. Our therapists are skilled at performing many massages, including: chair, corporate, couples, prenatal, relaxation Swedish, sports and deep tissue. We also provide aromatherapy, trigger point therapy, facials and peels. We are located off Crabapple Road in the Crabapple Shopping Center near Kroger.